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Deciding to invest in another country is lengthy and difficult process, full of details and the possibility of traps, which requires local know-how and expertise.

Our service

We consulting investors regarding their industrial investment in other countries, assisting investors in determining suitable and matching investment partners or business partners, and accompanying our clients when preparing and realising their investment in another country.

Cyprus Investment Programme

Our firm is registered in the registry of the professional providers for the Cyprus Investment Programme (CIP). From 1st of November 2020 CIP was terminated in its previous version. Cyprus government is now working on the Programme reform. It is not clear yet whether one of the benefits of investing in the Cypriot economy will be the accelerated acquisition of citizenship, but the benefits of taxation and doing business in Cyprus always exist.

Legal consulting on the investment of your choice

Consulting industrial and strategical investors and supporting their investments in other countries.

If a Joint Venture partner or business partner is involved in the other country, even more caution is necessary.

The services include:

  • joint-venture facilitation (co-investor match testing),
  • management and supervision of joint-ventures,
  • intercultural communication,
  • AML, KYC and other due diligence testing on early-stage joint-venture facilitation,
  • Official liaison with government authorities,
  • incentives and subsidies consulting and assistance in application,
  • project planning,
  • project management.

Real estate market

There are a lot of countries with well-developed real estate markets. Foreign investors or local citizens interested in buying properties in such countries, the real estate due diligence is required in all cases.

We provide real estate due diligence services to investor interested in purchasing a property.

Due diligence is necessary in all countries in order to make sure the property meets certain requirements, has no encumbrances and meets all the buyer’s demands. We will verify compliance of both the seller and property before the sale takes place so our customer face no difficulties at the purchase or in future.

We will also check the taxation issues of the real estate.

Valuation of the investment

The changes in investment environment shifted focus towards a demand for greater transparency and accountability. Investors, shareholders and auditors are looking for increased transparency and robustness in the valuation of investments. At the same time, providing accurate valuations has never been more challenging than now. Transparent reporting on valuations to potential investors is driven by the evolution of accounting standards. Furthermore, extended regulatory requirements are expected to have a ripple effect on partners globally.

Accurate and reliable valuations, quality risk management are essential for a well-functioning and transparent market. Our partner`s valuation services team will provide with information on advantages and disadvantages of the investment in question to investors. Valuation will reduced uncertainty and give greater understanding of asset performance within the wider market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the proposals to reform the Cyprus Investment Program?

Among proposals of the government are the following:

  • Part of the income from investments by foreigners to go back to the community;
  • Link of the scheme to the state’s housing and rent subsidy policy;
  • Certain amount of income from foreign investments to be returned to vulnerable groups;
  • A prospective investor proves that he/she lives in Cyprus for at least six months;
  • In addition, the government plans to inform the Commission about each and every prospective investor applying for Cypriot citizenship and will commit to sending all his/her personal and asset data to Brussels as a part of due diligence tests of prospective investors.

At the same time, the sectors where interested parties could invest will be expanded, while the code of conduct for naturalisation service providers is expected to also get stricter.

What are the investment opportunities in innovative startups in Cyprus?

There are different startups from different industries according to your preferences. Cyprus government supports the innovative start up initiatives. Startups portfolios prepared by professional and committed entrepreneurs wait for funding opportunities.
If you have preferred areas of investment the professionals will present to you startups that match your needs. We will prepare the fair assessment.

We also do for you the due diligence needed to make a correct informative decision. There might be companies that wish to co-invest and share the risks with you.

What happens if the Cyprus property I want to buy is mortgaged?

If the amount of the mortgage is less than the purchase price we will make sure that the mortgage is lifted. If it is for more, then we negotiate to the bank to agree to remove the mortgage for less, i.e. so that the agreed purchase price covers the mortgage. Otherwise the rest of the mortgage will be transferred to the other assets of the Seller, unless you agreed with the Seller to pay the mortgage amount.

Our purpose is that the deed of the property is clear when you take it over, unless you agreed to transfer the mortgage to your name.

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