Elena G. Christodoulou LLC

It is a young boutique Law Firm established by me Elena Christodoulou, Cyprus recognised corporate lawyer, in October 2018.

My personal experience is more than 20 years in the fields of property and estate, inheritance laws, civil law, immigration, 10 years of them as an international business Corporate lawyer, specialist in Corporate law and Taxation. The last 3 years I expanded my practice with such important matters as AML Compliance, regulatory framework, investment and financial services legal support.

Currently I cooperate with associates and partners worldwide, highly appreciated and recognised in their jurisdictions. I base my business on long term professional connections. Behind each connection there stands a great professional and a nice person, - honest, clever, faithful and successful for smart solutions and devotion to the Law and the Client.

Advantages of working with us

Our Culture... We value growth, success performance and creativity. We believe that our focus on strong professional relationship and talented associates worldwide will result long-term business growth for you.
Our History... Our success stories are connected to our clients and we are happy to build our professional history together with you.
Our Values... Our Core Values of Trust, Partnership, Passion and Consistency are embracing Transparency with confidence. We are open for you to guide and inspire us.

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