Financial services companies

We can organise your financial business from scratch in the jurisdiction of your choice.

We successfully assisted our clients to create a turn-key financial business. 

Traditional and forex brokers, sophisticated portfolio management and investment advice firms, asset management companies, funds, small banks, payment companies –we help to obtain authorisation in a jurisdictions of your choice.

At the same time when providing the services our aim is to comply with regulations and provide assurance to your investors.

Contact us for the services to be set up for:

  • Broker (STP) / principal (market maker).
  • Investment advisor / asset manager.
  • Provide assistance with completion of the application pack to be submitted to the regulator.
  • Assist with the design of the firm structure.
  • Prepare the required internal operations manual according to relevant regulations.
  • Prepare the business plan and financial projections.
  • Prepare the procedures manual for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Assist in the preparation of the personal questionnaires for shareholders, directors and senior management.
  • Prepare the required set of forms for client acceptance.
  • Follow up the application during the process of assessment by the regulator.
  • Assist in company personnel appointments (senior management & service providers)
  • Provision of professionally licenced directors ( executives and non-executives)
  • To be present on the first inspection of the regulator necessary for the authorisation of the license
  • Arrange for the office premises fully constructed for provision of the above services with consideration of “Chinese walls” where required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cyprus a good destination for Fund Set Up?

Yes. Over the years Cyprus is becoming a chosen destination for various fund sizes and types especially due to its low servicing cost (typically less than 0.5% of the NAV) and its superb taxation environment: 12.5% of Corporation Tax and almost a 100 double tax treaties with other countries.

What types of financial institutions can be registered in Cyprus?

Investment Firms,
Investment Funds (AIFs and UCITS),
Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM),
UCITS Management Companies,
Payment Institutions (PI),
Electronic Money Institutions (EMI),
Administrative Services Providers (ASP),
and Credit Institutions.

Is Cyprus open for crypto?

The Republic is open to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but in terms of licensing and currency activities regulation, it is guided by the Directives of the European Union. The exchangers are obligated to inform users about the crypto risks, instability of the non-fiat currencies rate of exchange.

The island state of Cyprus has emerged as one of Europe’s blockchain hotspots, further confirming the trend of small European nation states, embracing transformative technologies early.

The country among the EU’s top member states in attracting investment capital for blockchain startups.

The most sophisticated countries in both their market development and regulatory maturity include Switzerland, Cyprus, Estonia and Malta. Having their individual differences, they all provide rich cases of experience that can inform how Europe may take globally leading role in crypto assets innovation and development, while mitigating risks associated with new technologies.

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