Will the Cyprus investment program back?

Advertising of the Cyprus Citizenship Program is prohibited and may result in a € 350,000 fine for violators and or revocation of their license to provide services. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminds that the law prohibits service providers and their partners from promoting and advertising citizenship or a Cypriot passport in any form, including on the Internet, social media or at events. The latest applications for citizenship by investment were accepted by 12.00 a.m. on October 30, as the government had previously announced the closure of the program from November 1, 2020. There is currently no information on the renewal of the issuance of Cypriot citizenship under the investment program. Perhaps next year the government will attempt to discuss with the European Commission the conditions for approving the new program. However, if the program is to be resumed, it will be much more transparent, as well as for the interests of all sectors of society.

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